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The Brand

For as long as we can remember, we love to look good.
We know to look the part could sometimes be hard or very expensive,
so we did what creative people do, we decided to create our own solution.
Drawing from our experiences in the creative arts – Architect and brand strategist,
two brothers teamed up to craft shoes they’ve always loved.
As shoe architects, we looked to create something real and authentic in its true spirit.
Absolute works of art that cannot be lost in the crowd…Yes, it had to be boots!
We signed up to learn from one of the best in the trade. The Spanish. Enlisting a crew of guys that
believed in the dream…to make shoes that would put you in charge of your world. We made
prototypes and because we believed in the product, we wore them ourselves. Our friends saw them,
loved them, placed orders and we are in business…Bootsbymetal was born.
We know that the way a man clads his feet shows how far he is willing to go.
How far are you willing to go? Join us…take the walk.

#Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is “real”.

Real based on our experiences, real lifestyle,
real people, and relationships. We set out to distill what
is authentic, to find authenticity in everything we do
and to do this searching from within.

#Our Positioning

Birds of a feather flock together.
If you are FOCUSED with a STRONG conviction of where you are
and where you are headed. ADVENTUROUS, yet REAL with an
AUTHENTIC essence, we are just like you and should be best
We don’t call you “customer”, we call you “friend”.

#About Adimetal


A Fashion & Lifestyle Brand.

Our vision is to be a household name in Africa, crafting wears and creating spaces that are fashionable and appealing to the modern world.

…from what you wear to where you live.