• Wear good quality socks. They will absorb perspiration, thus prolonging the life of your METAL footwear. Good socks also help keep your feet in proper condition.
  • Loosen laces all the way down after wearing.
  • Open shoes and store in a well-ventilated place at normal temperature.


Lacing Tips

  • Always wash laces separately by hand
  • When lacing your metal sneakers or boots, adjust tongue so that it is centered under both rows of eyelets. Your feet will be more comfortable.
  • Remove dust particles with a piece of cloth or soft brush.
  • Use a branded good quality polish or shoe conditioner regularly to maintain the appearance and texture of the leather.
  • Shine and allow to dry properly.
  • Never store leather shoes in humid or moist conditions as a fungus can form on them, always store in dry conditions.
  • Never use water, detergents or liquids to clean leather shoes or boots.
  • Treating suede or nubuck with a quality branded protective spray will help to prevent stains and repel water.
  • Start by gently rubbing the surface of your suede shoes with a soft dry washcloth.
  • For heavy stains use only suede cleaning block or suede eraser.
  • After cleaning use a suede brush.
  • Never use water, detergents or liquids to clean suede.
  • Do not machine dry suede or dry suede in direct sunlight.
  • Never store your suede shoes or boots in humid or moist conditions as a fungus can form on them, always store in dry conditions.
  • If fungus forms, use a soft brush to remove fungus.
  • Do not use bleach or any washing compound containing a bleaching agent as it will decrease the strength of the upper fabric.
  • A wet sponge or cleaning cloth with a little soap if desired can quickly clean up dirt or spills on your toe caps or shoe sole.
  • It is perfectly safe to use a mild soap and water solution to wash out dirt and at the same time reduce the effect of perspiration absorption. Mix together a solution of equal parts mild liquid soap and water. Dip an old toothbrush into the mixture, and gently rub away at dirt and stains on the shoes.
  • Wash like colors together – especially bright and dark colors.
  • After washing, the shoes should be dried at normal room temperature away from excessive heat such as stoves, heaters and the sun. Do not dry shoes in automatic dryers.
  • Stuff shoes with paper to help maintain their shape. Change paper occasionally throughout the drying process.
  • White canvas is sensitive and can yellow in extreme conditions.
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